Today was a great day for summer lunch at The Open Door. We tripled the amount of kids served today, to a total of 6! I know that sounds low but it’s 4 more than yesterday! The site usually starts off a little slow but then averages out to about 10 to 15 kids everyday that come in for lunch. It’s great to see the local neighborhood kids come in and be so enthusiastic about the fruits and veggies. Today one of the boys must have gotten seconds on the watermelon and grapes. He loves his fruit.

The sandwich for today was salami, bologna, and cheese or a combo of 2 out of the three. I realized that salami is an easy seller but bologna on the other hand is a tougher sell. I always thought kids liked bologna?! Hmm who knows… Now onto the pretty pictures from the salad bar selection. (I only posted the new options for today)

Fresh Orange Slices

Roasted tomatoes, onions, and peppers

Juicy Strawberries

Tomato and Green Pepper Salad

Red Grapes

And of course crisp romaine lettuce!

Quote for the Day

“The roasted veggies were okay but my favorite are carrots.”

*I’m sensing a trend of carrots being a favorite veggie among kids. I think I need to put carrots on the salad bar!

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