Taco Joe Wednesday


Today was a decent day, we had 4 kids come in and get lunch. It was exciting though because we got kids to try kale chips! The reactions were pretty good, a quote from one of the kids will be below talking about the chips. At least they were exposed to kale chips and had the opportunity to try them.I feel those are the first steps to eating healthy and getting on the track to preventing health problems down the road.

We also had a fun lunch sandwich called taco joe’s, they were similar to a sloppy joe but had the taste of tacos (they also had a secret ingredient to make them healthier….ready for it?….2 cans of mashed up chickpeas! Chick peas are great in a meat sauce because they have really good texture when mushed up. You would never know they were even in there. All the kids said they were yummy!). I also made my own sauce from roasted peppers, onions, and tomatoes from the previous day and pureed them all up and simmered everything together until it was the consistency of sloppy joes. Delicious 🙂

The next fun thing was strawberry smoothies! Almost all the kids loved these. Smoothies are a perfect way to use up fruit that doesn’t look the prettiest but still tastes delicious. I also threw in a couple orange slices and a couple chunks of watermelon. This smoothie was 100% fruit. The watermelon gave the liquid needed to be just the right consistency.

On to the salad bar options:

Radishes right from the garden


Carrot Sticks (per request by kids from yesterday)


Green Pepper StripsImage

Watermelon Chunks


Cantaloupe Chunks (I

t was so sweet!)


The salad bar as a whole


Can’t forget about the kale chips!


Recipe for Kale Chips 

1 bunch of kale or any hearty greens

a sprinkle of salt to taste

a sprinkle of garlic powder

a sprinkle of onion powder

about a tablespoon of canola oil or other oil of your liking

Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Wash greens and dry very well. Then take out tough stems and cut or tear into pieces. (however large or small you’d like, I’ve done it before with just roasting the whole leaf)  Then put on baking sheet and cook for 10 minutes then check on them to see if they are crunchy yet, if not put back in oven and check every couple of minutes until they are crunchy. ( I used a convection oven so they cooked within the 10 minutes.) Take out and enjoy that slightly salty, crunchy, and GOOD for you chip!

Quotes for the Day

“They’re good, but I can’t chew them!” An eight year old talking about the kale chips.

“These are really good, Ivette you should try them!” A 12 year old telling his sister to try them. The sister thought they were only “Okay”

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