Today was a rea…

Today was a really good day! We had 5 kids come in for lunch which is a pretty good number of kids. They all loved the main sandwich. It was a chicken and chickpea patty! The salad bar had a lot of roasted items. It’s amazing what roasting can do to a vegetable or a fruit. The special option that if the kids tried they would get a prize was baked peaches. The peaches were simply wedged and baked at 375 until they turned a darker golden brown. They were so tasty and sweet. The kids were all excited to try them, so they could get the prize. Of course :). I’m not really sure what they thought of them though, they weren’t very expressive.

There was also homemade apple sauce and sour plum popsicles! The kids really liked the applesauce. The popsicles went over well but the first words after trying were “Wow these are sour” but then they kept on enjoying them. Now onto the fun stuff…the pictures!

Fresh from the Garden Lettuce


Cherry Tomatoes


Baked Peaches


Sliced Onions


Roasted Eggplant


Roasted Zucchini Coins


Sweet Potato Chips


Homemade Salsa


Cabbage Slaw with Sliced Apples in a Balsamic and Oil Vinaigrette


Some Whole Fruit


Plum Popsicles and Homemade Applesauce


And finally the Chicken and Chickpea Patties that were a big hit with the kids!


Quote of the Day

Me-“So what was your favorite today?”

Kids- “It had to be the chicken patty!”

Michael one of the kids- “My favorite so far has to be the roasted cauliflower though!”


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