Yay for Wednesdays!


It feels like the summer is flying by, I can’t believe July is almost half over. Crazy how time flys! Today was a great day, we had 13 kids that we served lunch to today. I officially love Wednesdays because we have a group called the Food Project come in. They are a group of teenagers and a couple adults who come in and work in the garden and around the pantry doing whatever needs to be done. They also do a lot more than that, I’ll leave a link at the bottom if you’re interested about them. The great part is that we get to serve them! They officially “love” me because I feed them every Wednesday. I forgot how much fun teenagers are and how they are a lot more enthusiastic about healthy food!  

We had lots of choices on the salad bar today. In total there were ten different options! Everything from corn on the cob to sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions!

Cantaloupe, Cherries, and Blueberries


Green Leaf Lettuce


Chickpea Salad with Purple Beans, Green Beans, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes


Cherry Tomatoes


Corn on the Cob


Olives (These remind me of holidays from my childhood, I would put one on each finger.)


Cucumber Slices


Plums, Pears and Apples!


The Kids from the Food Project 🙂 

Quote of the Day

“These plums are really good!”

Links to the Food Project’s website




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