Tangy Tuesday


So today was double the number of kids from yesterday!

There were lots if choices on the salad bar today, I think it was ten in total. We made garden guacamole that had lots of fresh lime juice, parsley, steamed and peeled canned tomatoes with some of the juice added, a sprig of fresh oregano, fresh chives, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to give it a little spice. It was delicious! There was the vegetable kohlrabi on the salad bar. It will be the vegi that looks similar to an alien head whole. (I’m doing the post from my phone so I can’t figure out how to put titles above the photos). Then we had three different colors of grapes, cherries & pineapple, olives, shredded zucchini & summer squash, and a few of the usuals.

The Salad Bar










Quote of the Day
“Ya it was good!” -in reference to the kohlrabi

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