Just Another Manic Monday :)


Wow I can’t believe another Monday has come and is almost done. Today was a crazy day it felt like. Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like you wonder what could happen next? Well, today was one of them. It all started with not realizing milk had to be brought to a site, then another site got food delivered even though it wasn’t operating today, I ran out of time to do what I wanted with two different salad bar options, and lastly the avocado fries ended up getting something on them and were inedible. BUT in the end, the day ended up working out completely A-OK. And in life you have your easy days and your days that give you a run for your money. That is what makes life interesting! Ont that note…

I peeked in the garden this morning and everything is growing so lovely. I love walking out to the ten or twelve raised beds and seeing whats sprouting up. There’s something so satisfying about picking a vegetable right off the plant. Today I picked the first two zucchini. Oh my goodness were they ever delicious and almost sweet tasting! The best I have tasted. So, I have included some pictures of what’s popping up right now under the salad bar pictures. 🙂 I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

The Salad Bar

We had whole red apples, cucumber boats(I wanted to fill those with something! Tomorrow for sure those will have a filling!), sliced mango, & baked sweet potatoes.


We also had green leaf lettuce, sliced fresh pineapple, grape tomatoes, honeyed beets, and some purple beans that turn green when you cook them!


 The Garden Update

A Summer Squash arriving.


A summer squash blossom


A funky looking tomato


An eggplant coming in! Yumm!


The cutest peppers ever!


The two Zucchini I picked for lunch today!


Quote for the Day

“Learn to love the unexpected”

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