Monday Again!

Wow I can’t believe there are only three weeks left of summer lunch! Our interns leave this week and I’m sad to see them leave. They help out so much and will be truly missed! The work they do is definitely appreciated. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t of had the time to make some of the fun things I’ve made this summer!

Today we only had a couple kids come in. I got them to try roasted summer squash though by bribing them with the chocolate banana pudding I made the other day. The kicker is the quote from one of the kids. Everyone thought it was so good, I mean who doesn’t like chocolate and banana together?

We had mostly typical items on the salad bar because we prepped the equivalent to 3 salad bars today. So I’ll just include a couple pictures I thought were pretty. Two other sites just got salads bars so we now supply them with the options for their salad bar. It’s so great that more kids now get the opportunity to use a salad bar!

The Garden Harvest for Monday Morning
There were so many gorgeous peppers waiting to be picked along with half a dozen eggplant!


Roasted Garden Peppers and Eggplant!


Quote of the Day
“This tastes weird…” the response to the pudding made with bananas and cocoa powder.

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