Friday’s Salad Bar and Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market Finds!

Friday was a great day for kids. I made homemade pizza pockets for pizza Fridays. They were whole wheat and had cheese and sauce in them. Then I also made “pop tarts” from the same dough. Those were filled with strawberry jam and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They were both delicious!

Then the salad bar had pineapple Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, homemade baba ganoush (spelling?) it’s a roasted eggplant dip, mini pita pockets for dipping, carrots mixed with green garden peppers, honey dew melon, watermelon chunks, orange slices, tomato pieces, cucumber slices, and romaine lettuce.


The Quote of the Day
“Everything was awesome!”

Farmer’s Market Finds from Today!
A green smoothie, corn on the cob, fresh basil, a cucumber, grape tomatoes, zucchini blossoms, vanilla gelato, and a giant watermelon!




Then I made a farmers market corn salad! I used fresh corn, basil, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and lemon juice. So yummy!



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