Hi everyone!

Time has flown by and life has gotten crazy. I don’t even know how a few months have gone by so quickly. There are some exciting events happening very soon. One event is that I am going to the USVI in a few days for the first time ever. I am so excited to go somewhere tropical and enjoy it all with the best tour guide of St. John I know…Sean my boyfriend 🙂 he has been there at least 7 or 8 times with family. He even spent his first birthday on  a beach in St.John. We’ll be staying at Cinnamon Bay campground in their lil cottages within steps of the beach. If you’re ever interested on a tropical get away where you may be roughin’ it a little bit look into Cinnamon Bay. It is priced very reasonable. So there will be lots of pictures to come from the trip!

The next adventure that has already started the beginning phases is finishing my boyfriend’s basement so we can have our own apartment. So far the dry locking and almost all of the framing has been done. This is really exciting to see it done because we have been talking about this starting since January( I think it was). Woo!

Over the past few months I have just been working, trying to stay on track with living an over all healthy lifestyle, going to NH when we both have the time to and saving money for the trip and the basement. Its been hectic but rewarding to see it all play out. Below is a picture from when Sean and I did the bike trail last week that starts up past Cannon mountain and ends in Lincoln, NH. It had a lot of spectacular sights and different stops along the way to see even more beautiful views.

Thanks for reading,

Kelly 🙂


Bike trail