Half way there


Exciting things are beginning to happen with the apartment my boyfriend and I are building. We are about half way to completion and i am hoping for the fun part of it to begin in September or October. 

So far we have dry locked the basement, framed everything and now this past weekend the electrician put in all of the wiring and homes for the outlets. All that is left is for the plumber to do his thing, put up the dry wall, and choose the type of flooring we want. 

Then the fun stuff will begin like painting and decorating. We are thinking about decorating it Caribbean style with the light blues for an islandy feel. When we were in St. John we bought two coconut bowls perfect to put keys in or little odds and ends and awesome salad bowl spoons perfect to both have for decoration and to use.

Pictures of the basement to come soon! Have a good night! 🙂 

Awesome hand crafted coconut cups

Awesome hand crafted coconut cup

Hand crafted salad spoons we bought too!

Hand crafted salad spoons we bought too!

A Trip to Paradise

Whew! So I just got back from St. John in the USVI a few days ago. It was my first time experiencing the Caribbean and I was left speechless so many times.
We started the trip off leaving in a limo to head to Logan airport at 3AM which was exciting in itself (our flight left at 5:40 AM) and then to Miami to St. Thomas then to St. John via a car barge ferry. The car ferry was a trip to even drive to because you picked the car up at the airport then drove across the island to catch the ferry (meanwhile you’re getting used to driving on the left side of the road with crazy traffic and taxi drivers that do as they please). After a very bumpy ferry ride we finally made it to St.John safely.
We stayed at Cinnamon Bay Campground, which is right on Cinnamon Bay beach. This was our view after a few steps from our door:

When we got to the campground we jumped in the water and even did some snorkeling. It was so neat to see all of the bright colored fish for the first time. Then later that night we went into Cruz Bay ( the little town area) and ate at High Tide. I got a delicious burger and a strawberry daiquiri for my first fruity drink of the vacation. I always used to get virgin ones when I was younger so I figured why not get a real one now. 

Our days usually consisted of getting breakfast at the T’ree Lizard cafe on the campground, going to different beaches to snorkel, getting lunch at the T’ree Lizard  and relaxing and going into town for dinner. 

One of the most delicious drinks I have had in my life for the first time there  was a Lime Coconut, it is an amazing concoction of coconut, lime, and rum. I don’t know the exact ingredients but my goodness were they heavenly. I also loved the passion fruit daiquiris. Those were so good too. I found that Cruz Bay Landing had the best passion fruit daiquiris in my opinion and Lime Coconuts. 

Now for some pictures!

This was one of my favorite little fishies!

This was on the way to Coral Bay

These guys run around wild on the island

This was on the walk to Waterlemon

I saw a turtle at Waterlemon which was one of the sea life I really wanted to see! I was so excited 🙂

We went into town on July 4th where they have the celebration Carnival! It’s an all day party and one of the biggest days all year.

This from the Anneburg Ruins which is an old rum distillery. That was a beautiful and easy walk to do.

To end the day with a sunset was incredible.

That’s it for now but I’m sure I will write another post about the trip. Enjoy 🙂