Half way there


Exciting things are beginning to happen with the apartment my boyfriend and I are building. We are about half way to completion and i am hoping for the fun part of it to begin in September or October. 

So far we have dry locked the basement, framed everything and now this past weekend the electrician put in all of the wiring and homes for the outlets. All that is left is for the plumber to do his thing, put up the dry wall, and choose the type of flooring we want. 

Then the fun stuff will begin like painting and decorating. We are thinking about decorating it Caribbean style with the light blues for an islandy feel. When we were in St. John we bought two coconut bowls perfect to put keys in or little odds and ends and awesome salad bowl spoons perfect to both have for decoration and to use.

Pictures of the basement to come soon! Have a good night! 🙂 

Awesome hand crafted coconut cups

Awesome hand crafted coconut cup

Hand crafted salad spoons we bought too!

Hand crafted salad spoons we bought too!

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