Small Spaces that I love.


So we officially finished our apartment a few months ago but I’m finally getting around to posting final pictures of it. Our space is about 34ft x 14ft. It’s nice because it is long, so it is able to be divided into four main areas. We have our bedroom area with a 3ft x 6ft closet, office/desk area, living room, and then a kitchen/dining/pantry area. If you are working with small spaces I highly recommend Ikea. I could take out stock with the couple thousand of dollars we probably spent there, but it was worth it 100%. We were able to buy beautiful counters with great storage capabilities and shelving to die for. The shelving allowed me to create my own pantry with ample space. The spice racks are one of my favorites after the wood counter tops. This experience made me realize that I am pretty efficient and creative when it comes to creating storage space in a small space. Here are some recent pictures of it all purrty.

My kitchen area where I have plenty of counter space to prep and cook. My favorite things are the ikea spice racks and the magnetic knife strip. It’s so much safer than storing them in a drawer. I used the mirrors to open up the space and as a back splash for the burners. I have some hidden storage in the corner that is a plastic two drawer container. 


The pantry 🙂 


I love this divider, it provides so much storage. Literally almost all of my clothes are able to be stored in 6 of the white storage boxes.


this is an Ikea secretary desk with the top removed to accommodate the computer monitor and used a piece of plywood to create some top shelf space and to hold the middle piece of shelving together. I love the design more now than what it was to begin with. It looks great closed up as well.


I hope every one has a great Sunday!

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