A lazy Sunday with The Language of Flowers

Today I did something I don’t usually have time to do. I lounged in bed all day reading except to eat. Then I proceeded to even eat in bed. The best part was that I had left over pancakes that heated up well for breakfast and left over Thai food for lunch from last night.

I started “The Language of Flowers” at around 5:30 this morning after Sean left for work and didn’t stop unless I was hungry. I finished tonight at around 5ish tonight. The story consumed me from the very first page. I couldn’t stop reading it and frankly didn’t have any plans today, so I enjoyed the feeling of just being super comfy in bed and let the story engulf me.

My goal this summer is to be in a field of flowers described in this book. I love the feeling I get when gardening and could feel the excitement building as I was reading. I want to let you know that this story is not only about flowers but also the life of a girl who grew up a ward of the state and had misfortune in life but did what she had to. There is romance with the main character but she has to also overcome abandonment issues from childhood. In doing so she uses what she has learned about the meaning of flowers to help her through life. It’s just an incredible story that I can not even put into words because they will not do it justice.

Have a great week!

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