End of March already, say whaaaat?


I can’t believe it’s the last day of March! The weather is beautiful today in New England, I even sat outside in the sun for almost a half hour with just a sweatshirt on. And I’ve had one of our windows open all day to let the fresh air in. It’s such a nice feeling to know that warmer weather is on the way. The month of April brings lots of fun activities that I have been looking forward to doing. Easter will be the first thing I’m looking forward to, I love getting together with family so Easter weekend will be nice, getting to see everyone I don’t see often. Then the following weekend I’m going out for a girl’s night that will include Paint Nite and then dinner out afterwards. Then that Sunday I will be trying on wedding gowns for the first time. I booked the appointment back in February, so I am SUPER excited for this.

It will be fun trying on the dresses and truly getting the feeling of OH MY GOD I’M GETTING MARRIED type of thing. Of course my mom will be there, along with Sean’s mom, my godmother/aunt, my cousin/flower girl, and my best friend/MOH Andrea! It’s going to be quite a time and one that I won’t forget. April will be a busy but fun month. Then in May we’re going to Las Vegas. I’m also reallyyyyyy excited about that too! I’ve never been so it will be QUITE the experience. I can’t wait! Well I have got to go. Have a great day!

Kelly 🙂

Side note…. I think I’m going to make home made sauce tomorrow so I will definitely blog about that soon.

When guys think they got fat.

So the other day Sean realized that he gained like 10 pounds in the past four to six months. With this realization he proposed we have a weight loss competition to see who can lose the most weight until Vegas in May. And whoever loses has to buy the first dinner we eat in Vegas. I have a feeling he may win for weight lost but I will be able to tone up even more than I have already and be able to rock that bikini even better. Then we will see who the real winner is 😉

I may have more fitness themed posts, I’m not quite sure what I feel like doing. What I do know for myself is that this little competition is already helping me want to pay more attention to what I food I put into my body. For starters I am being strict again with not eating dairy and gluten. I find that when I eat dairy and gluten, it causes my asthma to act up to the point where I need to use my inhaler to help out my airways. Last week I wasn’t caring about what I ate because we had a couple family events that involved food so I didn’t want to limit what I ate. I know it’s not the best thing to do but I did it anyways. I wound up paying for it in the end because I had to use my inhaler. Blehk. Then the next thing I will be doing is cardio. I have been a major slacker in that department and only focusing on strength training. I look forward to see how adding more cardio will help improve my body.

I usually try to go to the gym and strength train 3 to 4 times a week. I alternate lower body and upper body workouts. I do that so I am able to strength train multiple days in a row. From now on I will incorporate cardio at the end of my upper body workouts and on my off days for strength training I will also do some form of cardio as well.

Well I’m off to go have some lunch, here’s a picture of my lunch from yesterday! It was delicious!

The salad I had for lunch yesterday. It has baby greens, cucumber, tomatoes, organic strawberries that were on sale :), salami, and crushed cashews. This was the tossed in a  blood orange vinaigrette.

The salad I had for lunch yesterday. It has baby greens, cucumber, tomatoes, organic strawberries that were on sale :), salami, and crushed cashews. This was the tossed in a blood orange vinaigrette.

Happy Thursday!

A mish mash of things. 


So I’m away in NH with Sean celebrating our two year anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been together for two years now and that we’ll be getting married in June 2017. It just feels so awesome. I’m looking forward to going out to eat tonight at this funky and eclectic restaurant where everything is so fresh and bursting with flavor.  

Being up here reminds me of when we first started dating, which feels like it was just yesterday. Especially right now because I first visited in March two years ago. It’s nice being able to get out of Woburn once in a while and escape to the mountains. 

I have a few random pictures to share from today and the past week or two 🙂 

  this is the view from our balcony up here. 
  I went out to dinner last night to the the Cheesecake Factory with my future cousin. I tried the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps and they were soooo good!

  These are my cousin Dj’s two bull dogs Emma and Lucy. They were very sleepy from all of the company they’ve had the past couple days.  

 I discovered a 20 year old bottle of my favorite rum at my cousin’s house and couldn’t believe how old it was. Cruzan is the best rum I’ve had 🙂 I got hooked on it when we went to St. John last summer because it’s the only brand of rum they use down there. 
I know this kind of a scattered post but I was just in the mood to write about whatever came to mind. 

Homemade Pad Thai and a fitness accomplishment :)


Well,  yesterday I got a craving for Pad Thai after getting Thai food take out for lunch but they accidentally gave me super spicy drunken noodles (I originally wanted drunken noodles but mild). It ended up extra spicy because Sean wanted his Basil Fried Rice and Yellow Curry as hot as they could make it. The restaurant then assumed I wanted my noodles the same. Ooops.

So I started searching for homemade Pad Thai sauces to make my own last night. So I decided on a combination of two recipes. My sauce had fish sauce, coconut aminos, lime juice, peanut butter, brown sugar, tamarind chutney (they didn’t have paste at Whole Foods), some left over Thai chili sauce from take out, and chili powder. The end result was rather delicious. I didn’t measure much, I kind of just went with it and tasted it as I stirred up the sauce. I would add more lime juice if I thought it was too salty or more sugar if I thought it needed more sweetness.  It even heated up well this afternoon with a touch of water added to it for some extra moisture.


I’m excited for myself, I have made it to the gym three days in a row to do strength training this week. Usually I get there about twice a week or three times but not in a row. I am getting more into the swing of things and it is definitely a habit now that I have going on. It’s just an awesome feeling when you can feel your body getting stronger and noticing the visible results. Your muscles getting more defined and just feeling tight in a good way. That sore feeling is a reminder that my muscles are repairing themselves and building up more. I have fallen in love with strength training.

I have never noticed such a change in my body with going to the gym until I started lifting weights back in October/November. I’ve gone to the gym and stuff before, but always did cardio and just abdominal exercises. I never made up a routine and planned it out until I asked Sean for help and he made a routine up for me. Then when I got bored with that I found “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises”. That is a great book that has so many ideas with great illustrations and directions and general fitness info. Then, I designed my own plan using the template in the book. It also includes pre-designed workouts as well. And since then I have just been changing up  my routine every 3-4 weeks.

Have a great week!

Kelly 🙂