Homemade Pad Thai and a fitness accomplishment :)


Well,  yesterday I got a craving for Pad Thai after getting Thai food take out for lunch but they accidentally gave me super spicy drunken noodles (I originally wanted drunken noodles but mild). It ended up extra spicy because Sean wanted his Basil Fried Rice and Yellow Curry as hot as they could make it. The restaurant then assumed I wanted my noodles the same. Ooops.

So I started searching for homemade Pad Thai sauces to make my own last night. So I decided on a combination of two recipes. My sauce had fish sauce, coconut aminos, lime juice, peanut butter, brown sugar, tamarind chutney (they didn’t have paste at Whole Foods), some left over Thai chili sauce from take out, and chili powder. The end result was rather delicious. I didn’t measure much, I kind of just went with it and tasted it as I stirred up the sauce. I would add more lime juice if I thought it was too salty or more sugar if I thought it needed more sweetness.  It even heated up well this afternoon with a touch of water added to it for some extra moisture.


I’m excited for myself, I have made it to the gym three days in a row to do strength training this week. Usually I get there about twice a week or three times but not in a row. I am getting more into the swing of things and it is definitely a habit now that I have going on. It’s just an awesome feeling when you can feel your body getting stronger and noticing the visible results. Your muscles getting more defined and just feeling tight in a good way. That sore feeling is a reminder that my muscles are repairing themselves and building up more. I have fallen in love with strength training.

I have never noticed such a change in my body with going to the gym until I started lifting weights back in October/November. I’ve gone to the gym and stuff before, but always did cardio and just abdominal exercises. I never made up a routine and planned it out until I asked Sean for help and he made a routine up for me. Then when I got bored with that I found “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises”. That is a great book that has so many ideas with great illustrations and directions and general fitness info. Then, I designed my own plan using the template in the book. It also includes pre-designed workouts as well. And since then I have just been changing up  my routine every 3-4 weeks.

Have a great week!

Kelly 🙂


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