A mish mash of things. 


So I’m away in NH with Sean celebrating our two year anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been together for two years now and that we’ll be getting married in June 2017. It just feels so awesome. I’m looking forward to going out to eat tonight at this funky and eclectic restaurant where everything is so fresh and bursting with flavor.  

Being up here reminds me of when we first started dating, which feels like it was just yesterday. Especially right now because I first visited in March two years ago. It’s nice being able to get out of Woburn once in a while and escape to the mountains. 

I have a few random pictures to share from today and the past week or two 🙂 

  this is the view from our balcony up here. 
  I went out to dinner last night to the the Cheesecake Factory with my future cousin. I tried the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps and they were soooo good!

  These are my cousin Dj’s two bull dogs Emma and Lucy. They were very sleepy from all of the company they’ve had the past couple days.  

 I discovered a 20 year old bottle of my favorite rum at my cousin’s house and couldn’t believe how old it was. Cruzan is the best rum I’ve had 🙂 I got hooked on it when we went to St. John last summer because it’s the only brand of rum they use down there. 
I know this kind of a scattered post but I was just in the mood to write about whatever came to mind. 


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