A couple month hiatus!

Wow, is all I can say.

First off my computer was getting a little weird so I was using it a little bit less and less. First it was acting up/ getting slower and slower. Then my fiancé cleaned it out and found 50+ viruses in it. Then after we thought he wiped it out completely there was still a pesky root kit virus  (whatever that means) so I had to completely say bye to Windows or get a new laptop. So I chose to switch to Linux (which I love even better than Windows and my computer runs faster than ever). Linux reminds me of a Mac in a way, or at least the version I have. I can still do everything I want on Linux that I did on Windows which is a good thing :).

Second, Its been an exciting couple of months for wedding stuff! I bought the dress of my dreams. It is beautiful and the perfect dress for me and my personality. Everyone who was there to see me try on dresses said it looks like it was made for me! And everyone I have shown a picture to say the same thing. It’s crazy to because the size off the rack fit like a glove. It was nice a snug but not too snug. Now I just have to maintain my body for the next two years. I look at it as motivation to keep on exercising and actually sticking to it. Because I have definitely realized how blechk I feel when I don’t work out for more than two days. Even two days feels like a long time without working out.

Third, I have found the wedding venue/reception site as well. My mom and I are going to visit in a couple weeks. I am so excited for that. When I saw pictures of the place online I started to get tears in my eyes because it was so beautiful/affordable.

Fourth, We’re going to LAS VEGAS on Wednesday this week! I can’t wait because I have never been there! It’s going to be quite the adventure!

So in my next post I will have a lot more pictures and fun things to tell!

Have a great Sunday!

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