The Fast Metabolism Diet

Hey all,

I am currently on the Fast Metabolism Diet and loving it. My favorite part about it is that it’s all real food. There aren’t any shakes or meals that you have to buy for it. The Fast Metabolism Diet is written by Haylie Pomroy.

I like the way she wrote the book because she gets into the science of why and how food works with your body to either store or burn. To be honest, when I first read the title of the book I cringed a little because it screams fad diet but upon further reading my mind was eased. I realized that the book is full of useful information. Diet books usually make me batty because of all I have learned from getting my  degree in nutrition.

The diet is set up into a 28 day program. There are 3 phases over the course of each week.

  • Monday & Tuesday: Lots of whole grains, fruit and moderate amounts of low in fat protein
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Lots of low glycemic vegetables and low in fat protein
  • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: My favorite! You finally get to eat food with healthy fat like nuts, olive oil, hummus, tahini, nut butters and others. Also moderate amounts of whole grains, low glycemic fruits like berries and others, and moderate amounts of protein like chicken thighs and such.

So what does a typical day in each phase look like for me? 

Phase 1: Breakfast– 1 cup steal cut oats with 1 cup of fruit. Usually blue berries or raspberries.  Snack– 1 cup of fruit (maybe frozen pineapple or a pear or whatever fruit I feel like)  Lunch– 1 cup of brown rice pasta with a meat and veggie chili, and a cup of fruit    Snack – An orange or apple or cup of fruit that I’m in the mood for  Dinner– Sweet Potato and Chicken stew with a bit of quinoa in it. (Dinner usually has a cup of whole grains with it but the sweet potatoes are starchy so the quinoa gets reduced a bit)

Phase 2: Breakfast– 4 oz turkey bacon with a sliced up cucumber and pepper                   Snack– 2 oz rolled nitrate/nitrite free deli turkey  Lunch– Chicken breast over a large salad with artichokes, peppers, and broccoli Snack– stuffed mushroom with lean ground beef, onions, and kale. Dinner- Lazy man stuffed peppers with ground turkey, onions, peppers, green beans and spinach

Phase 3: Breakfast– 1 slice Sprouted grain toast with 2 tbs cashew butter (dip celery in the extra cashew butter) 1 cup defrosted blueberries or raspberries on top of toast and 1 cup frozen green beans defrosted Snack– 1/3 cup hummus with carrots/ veggies Lunch- Plain almond milk yogurt (no sugar added) with 1 cup raspberries, at least 1 cup roasted eggplant/ peppers/onions, and 4oz roasted chicken thigh. Snack- 1/4 cup cashews Dinner– 4-6oz steak with roasted butternut squash and other veggies. Optional 1/2 cup of brown rice or farro

What are the “No Foods”?

  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Wheat that hasn’t been sprouted and is a GMO product
  • Any type of added sugar: that means white sugar, coconut sugar, honey, molasses, ect.
  • White rice, white pasta and  any other refined grains.

What are the “Yes Foods”?

  • Real food!
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Tons of water
  • Chicken, beef, lamb, pork, turkey and so much more.
  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Stevia & xylitol
  • and so much more! You’ll have to read the book or browse her website to find out more.

One week worth of food shopping on the Fast Metabolism Diet.

How do I feel on the diet?

For me personally,it’s great because I love to see visible results and you definitely do with this program. This is my second time around on it and during this round I have lost about 5 pounds in 2 weeks (last round was back in October/November). Most people who have more to lose usually lose even more. For example, a woman I take an exercise class with lost 7 pounds in the first week of the program.

Being on this diet makes me feel great because I am eating so many vegetables and fruit and drinking enough water for my body. The surge of nutrients I get from all of the produce really helps me feel good. My biggest struggle with the diet is on phase 2 when  it’s pretty low carb. I sometimes just want a piece of fruit so much, so if I weight train on both of those days I will give my self a piece of fruit like raspberries or a 1/2 cup of oatmeal (technically not supposed to) and that helps my icky low carb feeling. Also, on those two days I try to load up the veggies as much as possible and have a bit more protein.

I feel good in my body because I’m not bloated or have that “fluffy” feeling. My abs start to peek out and my other muscles start to pop too. The reason I’m doing this diet is  to see the definition that I know I have and this will help uncover it.

For some it can feel restrictive but I don’t usually eat dairy/gluten free on a regular basis anyways so that makes this diet that much easier for me.


Pros: I feel great and love seeing the proof that it’s almost all about what you eat in being able to change your body. I love feeling organized for the week and having all of my meals planned out

Cons: Some may not like all of the meal prep involved with the program. It definitely can take up a Sunday afternoon, but I love to cook so I don’t mind it. And once you’ve prepped it isn’t so bad the next week if you have put some portions in the freezer.

Now what?

After reading this, if you’re interested in the diet and trying it out I recommend buying the book and cook book that goes along with it. There are plenty of recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied. One of my recent fave recipes from the cook book is for Phase 1 called Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew.

There are probably a few details that I left out but this sums it up in a nutshell.

The Last Days of Summer Lunch!


Well I can’t believe summer lunch is over! Sorry it took so long to post the last few days, it’s been a crazy week for me. The last few days went great, there weren’t any mishaps and the days went smoothly.

A fun thing about the last day is that we gave out school supplies to the kids who came in for lunch to help get them started for the year. Along with pizza and a treat of ice cream sundaes for dessert! (the salad bar is still used too!)

The Salad Bar





We also made a vegetable frittata for the main meal on Thursday!





Quote of the Week
“I can’t get enough of this quiche!” one of the boys referring to the frittata

The Last Monday & Tuesday!

Wow I can’t believe it’s the last week of Summer Lunch! This summer really flew by!
Yesterday was fun, we did a tomato tasting of all the different tomatoes growing in the garden. The kids thought it was really cool to be able to see how each variety tasted so different and had different textures. Some were more juicy, some were sweeter or more acidic, and some were mild.
Our tomato test plate:


Then today there were buckwheat groats in the closet do I decided to use them! I made them in a similar way as you would oatmeal. I had some fresh peach purée so I added that too. The groats also had cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg added to it. The kids surprisingly were receptive to them. It was great, all of the kids who tried them said they liked them!
The Salad Bar’s



Thursday and Friday Combo Deal


Wow, I can’t believe that next week is the last week of Summer Lunch. Where did the summer go?! Well, yesterday was a really good day and today was too. But I can only take credit for yesterdays complete salad bar because I had the day off today! I did plan today’s salad bar but my supervisor covered for me and did a beautiful job!

Thursday’s Salad Bar


Friday’s Salad Bar
It looks like they had roasted eggplant with sauce and fresh mozzarella on top, hard boiled eggs, yellow cucumbers, garden tomatoes, cantaloupe and blueberries, garden green and purple peppers, and a corn, broccoli, and garden green & purple bean salad.



Hmm… Fresh figs and a rooster surprise!


Fresh Fig Feedback
Most of the kids gave smiles, thumbs ups, and a general consensus that they were really good! I think Jen said one if the girls went back for a second.
I love that these kids are exposed to such great and healthy food during the summer. I know personally, I didn’t try fresh figs until I was probably 17 or 18.




Monday and Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day for harvesting from the gardens! I think I picked 11 peppers, 8 eggplant, almost a pint of tomatoes, and a zucchini. It was so amazing and so much fun picking everything. I look at it as a treasure hunt because you never know what’s waiting out there to be picked! Here’s a picture of the harvest:


Then I’m posting the salad bar pictures from Monday and today!
Monday’s Salad Bar
We had roasted eggplant, sliced purple, green, and red peppers, clementines, bananas, sautéed broccoli stems, romaine lettuce, green beans and roasted beets, and cucumbers.



Tuesday’s Salad Bar!
Today we had fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad drizzled with a balsamic vinegarette, sliced yellow cucumbers (aka salt & pepper cucumbers), sliced multicolored peppers, pears with a homemade fruit dip (pomegranate yogurt, cream cheese, & strawberry preserves), roasted carrots, hard boiled eggs, romaine lettuce, and a beet & broccoli salad.






Then after lunch today I was told that one of the local farms donated 400 lbs of fresh produce so I was able to grab half a dozen local cantaloupe, 20 ears of corn and many beautiful various types of tomatoes! It was like there was a farm fairy that delivered today 🙂 I was so happy when I was able to take my pick of everything! Here are my picks:


“Quote of the Day”
Me: hey did you try the yellow cucumbers?
Child: Oh those are cucumbers? I gave them to my brother because I thought it was squash.
Me: You should try them, they’re really tasty even better than green in my opinion.
Child: (tries the cucumber) Hey you’re right they really are good!

And this is why I love my job, I’m able to introduce kids to vegetables they didn’t even think they liked but ends up they do!

Friday’s Salad Bar and Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market Finds!

Friday was a great day for kids. I made homemade pizza pockets for pizza Fridays. They were whole wheat and had cheese and sauce in them. Then I also made “pop tarts” from the same dough. Those were filled with strawberry jam and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They were both delicious!

Then the salad bar had pineapple Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, homemade baba ganoush (spelling?) it’s a roasted eggplant dip, mini pita pockets for dipping, carrots mixed with green garden peppers, honey dew melon, watermelon chunks, orange slices, tomato pieces, cucumber slices, and romaine lettuce.


The Quote of the Day
“Everything was awesome!”

Farmer’s Market Finds from Today!
A green smoothie, corn on the cob, fresh basil, a cucumber, grape tomatoes, zucchini blossoms, vanilla gelato, and a giant watermelon!




Then I made a farmers market corn salad! I used fresh corn, basil, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and lemon juice. So yummy!



Today we had 9 kids! I love when we get 90% participation. It’s so great when there are that many kids getting lunch!

Something fun I made today was zucchini brownies! The kids loved them! They were also really easy to make, but I bet they would be even yummier with some melted dark chocolate added to them!

The Salad Bar
We had pineapple slices, honeydew slices, pineapple Greek yogurt, cherry tomatoes, green pepper slices, bean salad, romaine lettuce, whole plums, and cucumber slices!


Quote of the Day
“These [brownies] are super good and awesome!”


Today was a great day, we had 12 kids get lunch. A majority of them were the kids from the food project. I love when they are here because the are always so enthusiastic about the food! It really makes my day!

Today I made orange chicken and veggie stir fry as the entree and it went over really well! Then, they also ate roasted eggplant! Eggplant is usually a tough sell, so i was so happy when they were willing to eat it. I also made a relatively healthy peach crisp as a small treat!That was also loved by the kids, especially by one of our picky eaters!

Orange Chicken and Roasted Eggplant


Peach Crisp


The Salad Bar
We had pineapple slices, cherry tomatoes, honeydew melon, summer squash coins, cucumber slices, sliced onions, romaine lettuce, and garden pepper sticks.


Quote of the Day
“This is really really good! How do you make it?!” – our picky eater asking about the peach crisp

Tasty Tuesday

Today was awesome! I got kids to try eggplant by making eggplant rollatini. What I did is mixed ricotta cheese with shredded sautéed summer squashes, some Parmesan cheese, and a couple eggs. Then I put the cheese mixture on eggplant slices that had been boiled for a few minutes and rolled them up. Then I put them in the pan with sauce and shredded cheese on top! Baked them for about 40 minutes at 375 and they were done and delicious! Also, with the extra cheese mixture I put it in a couple peppers and made them into stuffed peppers!

Then two of the interns Mary and Heather made pizza muffins which were fabulous! We had so many fun items today, it was great!

The garden was also pretty giving this morning with a few more peppers, eggplant, and summer squash.

The Eggplant Rollatini

The Stuffed Peppers

Pizza Muffins!

Rainbow Swiss Chard from Amy’s Garden
(before it was cooked)
After it was cooked

The Salad Bar
Blanched Green Beans with olive oil and lemon juice

Summer Squash Slices

Watermelon Wedges & Cucumber Slices

Cherry Tomatoes & Honeydew with Pineapple

Garden Green Peppers & Romaine Lettuce


Quote of the Day
“I really liked the eggplant, my sister who doesn’t like eggplant even liked it when my mom sliced it up for her and didn’t tell her what it was.” I love responses like these, it really warms my heart 🙂