Exploring Vegas!


Wow, so what a trip we had. It definitely didn’t go as planned but was still just as fun even if it was more relaxed.

Let’s first start with our first night there:

We hung out by the pool for a bit and made friends with a couple from Australia. They were great and we all decided to go out for the night together. We all went zip lining down Fremont Street which was awesome! Zip lining above the crowd was such a thrill! Then we went to a microbrewery on Fremont. The brewery didn’t serve food so the boys were able to go get us the best 2$ tacos I’ve ever had. They tasted so fresh and flavourful. So if you see 2$ tacos in downtown Vegas on Fremont don’t ignore it, they are delicious!

Fremont street

Fremont street, This is one of the starting points for zip lining.

Then the next day consisted of resting all day with Sean because the poor guy came down with a nasty bug later to be diagnosed (when we got home he was still super sick) as pneumonia. So that night we treated ourselves to room service and just enjoyed our time together. The next couple days just consisted of hanging out by the pool at our hotel the Golden Nugget. I really liked it there, it was big enough to not have to leave the hotel if you needed something but small enough to not get lost in like you can in the hotels on the strip.

The Golden Nugget pool area

The Golden Nugget pool area

This pool was cool because it also had a water slide that went through a shark tank. The slide was fast, it was surprising how much speed you actually picked up by the end. When Friday came along we hit Mandalay Bay on the Strip to see Sublime with Rome. But before the show, we adventured to the High Roller which is a giant ferris wheel type of thing. We were able to see beautiful views of the strip and the surrounding desert mountains.

The view from the top of the High Roller (a giant ferris wheel)

The view from the top of the High Roller (a giant ferris wheel)

IMG_1363 IMG_1369

Then after the ride we hiked it up to Mandalay Bay to see the concert. One thing I have to say is that Vegas requires a lot of walking if you don’t want to pay for cabs every time you want to go somewhere. Then, we grabbed dinner with Sean’s cousin and his cousin’s wife at the restaurant by the pool before the concert. The show was awesome!

We saw Sublime with Rome at Mandalay Bay

We saw Sublime with Rome at Mandalay Bay


The next few days of the trip we went to the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival which was quite the interesting experience  but was a blast none the less. Sean was able to see one of his favorite bands Turbonegro. They are a Norwegian death punk band that has quite the following around Europe and around the US. Some fans even flew in from Europe to see them in Vegas.

Over all Vegas was an awesome experience but next time I would not go back on a weekend or on one of the busiest three day weekends of the year for any vacation destination. I also realized I am not a fan of crowds and get a mini panic attack on the inside with soooo many people around me. Well that’s all I have for today. Have great week!

Kelly ­čÖé