Monday and Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day for harvesting from the gardens! I think I picked 11 peppers, 8 eggplant, almost a pint of tomatoes, and a zucchini. It was so amazing and so much fun picking everything. I look at it as a treasure hunt because you never know what’s waiting out there to be picked! Here’s a picture of the harvest:


Then I’m posting the salad bar pictures from Monday and today!
Monday’s Salad Bar
We had roasted eggplant, sliced purple, green, and red peppers, clementines, bananas, sautéed broccoli stems, romaine lettuce, green beans and roasted beets, and cucumbers.



Tuesday’s Salad Bar!
Today we had fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad drizzled with a balsamic vinegarette, sliced yellow cucumbers (aka salt & pepper cucumbers), sliced multicolored peppers, pears with a homemade fruit dip (pomegranate yogurt, cream cheese, & strawberry preserves), roasted carrots, hard boiled eggs, romaine lettuce, and a beet & broccoli salad.






Then after lunch today I was told that one of the local farms donated 400 lbs of fresh produce so I was able to grab half a dozen local cantaloupe, 20 ears of corn and many beautiful various types of tomatoes! It was like there was a farm fairy that delivered today 🙂 I was so happy when I was able to take my pick of everything! Here are my picks:


“Quote of the Day”
Me: hey did you try the yellow cucumbers?
Child: Oh those are cucumbers? I gave them to my brother because I thought it was squash.
Me: You should try them, they’re really tasty even better than green in my opinion.
Child: (tries the cucumber) Hey you’re right they really are good!

And this is why I love my job, I’m able to introduce kids to vegetables they didn’t even think they liked but ends up they do!

Woo Wednesday!


So today was a really good day number wise. We had seven kids come in! For something different we made mashed cauliflower and oven fries today. The cauliflower was a hit or miss. Three of the kids really liked it while another girl really didn’t like it. I believe her words were, “This is disgusting.” Then the others were a tough sell to try something new. The oven fries went over really well though!

The Salad Bar and Hot Food

Mashed Cauliflower and Oven Fries

Refrigerator Pickles and Corn on the Cob

Watermelon Slices and Cantaloupe

Romaine Lettuce and Grape Tomatoes

Corn, Black Bean, and Barley Salad and Vinegar based Cole Slaw

Marinated Beets in White Balsamic Vinegar


Favorite of the Day!

Oven Fries and The Salad Bar in general

Quote for the Day

“Oh yum! I love oven fries!”

“What is this?! This is disgusting. I’m sorry.” This was from a 13 year old girl who is a tough sell with new food sometimes. At least she apologized and tried it. You know it takes more than once to realize you like something you previously didn’t like. Here’s an interesting article I found  🙂

Hello world!


So with this being my first post I wanted to say a few things:

  1. I have never blogged before but I really want to share with the world that encouraging children to eat healthy foods and having them try just one bite can make all the difference. They might just like that healthy food and don’t even know it.
  2. I will be sharing the different healthy lunch options I prepare on a daily basis for children that come in to get lunch at a free summer lunch site. There is more about that in the about me section.
  3. I love my job and want to share my joy of it with others.
  4. Working with kids you realize that they say some pretty unexpected things at times whether it’s funny or unexpected, so with that I will also post a quote of the day with each post to make you smile or chuckle in your day.
  5. I’ll also include recipes of everything I make.

Memorable Quotes from Summer Lunch 2011

“Look everyone my tongue is pink from the beets!”

“I’ve never had oranges before but now I do, it tastes like I’m eating juice it’s so sweet.”

What are you’re favorite quotes you’ve heard kids say about healthy food?